Get Two Beers in the can

In April 2010, 7 Seas Brewing earned the distinction of being the first Washington craft brewery to package its beer in aluminum cans (read about that here). Recently, Two Beers Brewing in Seattle followed suit and earned the distinction of being the second brewery to package its beer in aluminum cans. Credit where credit is due, Two Beer Brewing is the first Washington craft brewery to use 12 ounce cans; 7 Seas Brewing opted for 16 ounce tallboys.

Tonight –Thursday, June 23–  Two Beers Brewing will celebrate the release of its canned product at The Beer Junction (blog sponsor). Along with other beers from Two Beers Brewing, at tonight’s tasting event they will pour Trailhead ISA (Indain-style Session Ale) and Panorma Wheat from cans. The Beer Junction is located in the heart of downtown West Seattle at the Alaska Junction. The event runs from 5:00 – 8:00. Last call is at 7:45.

Along with the Trailhead ISA and the Panorama Wheat, Morgan Herzog, owner of The Beer Junction, says you should expect to see him stocking the ever-popular Evolutionary IPA in the near future as well.

“Craft beer in cans is quite the growing trend,” Herzog said. “In fact, by quantity, 10 of the top 12 selling beers here at The Beer Junction are in cans! Cans protect beer from light better than bottles, and are lighter, making it perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, boating, golfing, and hiking.”

two beers in the can
Two Beers Brewing was showing off its cans last weekend at the Washington Brewers Festival.

An increasing number of American craft breweries are favoring aluminum cans over glass bottles. In fact, we attended a beer+food pairing dinner the other night at Tom Douglas’ Brave Horse Tavern where three different craft beers were provided in cans. For a beer event, it was a highbrow affair and canned beer did not seem out of place at all. (Read our review of the event.) Truly, the stigma of canned beer being bad beer is disappearing.

cans of beer at brave horse dinner
The Brave Horse Tavern served cans of craft beer in buckets of ice. Nice touch.


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  1. Do you have any info on what a Indain-style session ale is? That sounds like a new style, I haven’t heard of it before…
    And this beer isn’t listed on Two Beers website yet.

  2. Patrick – here’s the description for the Trailhead.

    Trailhead ISA:

    Our new India-style Session Ale summer seasonal is something new for us over at Two Beers! We’ve taken a light, session summer ale and dry-hopped the hell out of it. The result: a crisp, fresh beer with a huge NW hop aroma that belies its effortless drinkability. Finally, a session beer for the IPA crowd.

  3. For those in the north sound area, there is also a release party at Backcountry Essentials in Bellingham at 7pm. See ya there!

  4. Innovations in any form, is always welcome. Even when it means craft beer in cans, it will do. Cans are easier to dispose of compared to beer mugs, especially at music festivals.

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