Ghost Runners Brewery increasing production, distribution

According to a report in the Vancouver Business Journal, Ghost Runners Brewery plans to expand its brewing operation and increase production, with the stated goal of entering the Portland and Seattle beer markets in the next six months.

Rob Ziebell and Jeff Seibel opened Ghost Runners Brewery in 2012. Since that time, they’ve watched demand for their beer grow and are now ready to take the next step and start brewing on a bigger system in a commercial location. Operating out of a private residence, using a self-made brewing system, the company heretofore produced about eight barrels per month.

Construction began last week on a new brewery in Vancouver, which will feature a 10-barrel brewhouse and 20-barrel fermenters from Marks Design and Metalworks of Vancouver. In fact, Ghost Runners Brewery and Marks Design will be neighbors, both operating in the Minnehaha Corporate Center on Northeast Minnehaha Street.

“Once the new brewery opens up we’ll have room to add people to manage the tasting room and the fill stations,” Jeff Seibel said in the VBJ report. “As we grow even larger, the direction of the company will still be handled by Rob and I, but we may hand over the day-to-day brewing operations to someone from the industry. We have quite an expansive growth plan.”

Ghost Runner Brewing describes itself as a running-inspired company. Jeff Seibel told the VBJ, “There are over 7 million runners in the Portland-Vancouver market. Our campaign is to make sure that after every running event, biking event, hiking event and rowing event that ends up in some sort of beer garden, Ghost Runners Brewery is the sponsor.”Read the original report in the Vancouver Business Journal.

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