Ghostfish Brewing – 2nd Anniversary beer and party

Seattle’s first and only 100 percent gluten-free brewery is about to celebrate two years of award-winning beers. Ghostfish Brewing Company plans to celebrate its second anniversary by releasing a very special, limited-release beer and hosting a party at the brewery’s taproom in SoDo, where they also serve up some tasty gluten-free food.

The Ghostfish Brewing second anniversary party is on Saturday, February 4th. You can pick up 22-oz bottles of the beer at the brewery or look for it at whatever retail outlets carry Ghostfish beers.

Details in the press release below:

Ghostfish Brewing Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary with a Limited Release and Party

Seattle, WA— Ghostfish Brewing has brewed a limited amount of a very special anniversary beer for their upcoming celebration.

This Wood-Aged Imperial Brown Ale has an intricate grain bill featuring a veritable rainbow of rice and millet malts, giving it a complex nutty sweetness and full-bodied taste. Wood-aging on hard maple staves for two months softened the alcoholic sharpness of this sturdy brew, and contributed mild tannins and woody aromatics to help balance the malt character.

In addition to being 100% gluten free, this beer is also made with no nuts, soy, corn or cane sugar!

ABV: 8% IBU: 55
COLOR: Mahogany
AROMA: Toffee, Walnut, Brandy

“For our 2nd Anniversary beer, we wanted to create a real showcase for the certified gluten-free malted grains that have helped shape and define our brewing,” said Ghostfish’s Co-Owner and Brewmaster Jason Yerger.

“The depth, richness, and complexity of this brew would be impossible to create without the painstakingly-crafted millet and rice malts from Grouse Malting and Eckert Malting, and we are proud to be the first commercial dedicated gluten-free brewery to feature their products.”

Pick up 22oz bottles of Ghostfish Brewing’s 2nd Anniversary beer at its taproom located at 2942 1st Avenue South in SoDo, Seattle or at Ghostfish’s regular Ghostfish Brewing Retail Locations.

Ghostfish Brewing’s 2nd Anniversary Party is planned for February 4, 2017 from noon-10 pm, featuring exclusive tastes of its 2017 beers and the first opportunity to take home its 2nd Anniversary beer—at a discounted price!

“It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since we opened the doors to this crazy dream,” said Ghostfish’s Co-Owner and Director of Operations Randy Schroeder. “So much has happened to fuel our growth, but time has flown – a clear indication of how fun it’s all been!

“Most of all this second anniversary celebration is to say thank you to our amazing fans, staff and business partners that have supported us, all the way back to our Kickstarter days.”

“To try and encapsulate all the great things that have transpired over the past two years would be difficult, but knowing that we have been able to get Ghostfish beer into many more customer hands outside of our Seattle brewery is an extremely gratifying experience,” said Co-Owner and Director of Sales & Marketing Brian Thiel.

“We’ve had such wonderful support from so many different people throughout the life of our company. As much as it is fun to reflect upon past accomplishments during an anniversary, it is also the perfect time to extend a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all of the Ghostfish believers, supporters and followers!”


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