Ghostfish Brewing celebrating 3rd anniversary with party and special bottle release


Seattle’s award-winning Ghostfish Brewing is about to celebrate its third anniversary with a party and the release of a very limited beer: Smoked & Oaked Imperial Porter. Here is all the information straight from the brewery:

Ghostfish Brewing is celebrating its 3rd Anniversary with a party in the Ghostfish taproom on February 9 from noon until 10 pm, including an extremely limited bottle release of its 3rd Anniversary beer.

ghostfish-3rdGhostfish’s 3rd Anniversary Smoked & Oaked Imperial Porter is a rich, sweet, earthy and smokey brew. With a malt base including buckwheat malt that was smoked over whisky barrel staves, Smoked & Oaked was then aged for 6 weeks on red oak. ABV: 9.7% IBU: 65

With three Ghostfish founders, the number three has always held a certain feeling of significance around the brewery, and reaching the three year mark feels especially meaningful. “Our anniversary is always an opportunity to reflect back on all the things we’ve accomplished over the past year and beyond, while also expressing gratitude to everyone who has supported us throughout this journey,” says Ghostfish Co-Owner and Director of Sales and Marketing Brian Thiel. “We’re fortunate to have an incredible fan base that continues to grow by leaps and bounds and spread the Ghostfish vision. Join us as we raise our glasses to acknowledge three years of Ghostfish beer!”

With a commitment to experimentation, Ghostfish strives to continually brew new beers, including its rotating seasonal series and featured weekly experimental released each Wednesday. This has been important to the owners from the very beginning – to keep it fresh – and they have no plans to change that.

“From our early days huddled around a 5 gallon brew pot ‘tea-bag brewing’ and trying to cool our wort in a bathtub or in the Sound–a funny story for another day–it’s been a long, strange trip,” says Ghostfish Co-Owner and Director of Operations Randy Schroeder. “I can’t say it’s all been fun and games, but when you stand back and look at the overall accomplishment, it’s very rewarding.”

Ghostfish sources its high-quality gluten-free malts from three malthouses, and it’s because of those Maltsters and Maltstresses that Ghostfish can push the boundaries of craft beer. “When I think back to my early days as a gluten-free homebrewer, I could not have dared to dream that I would ever have access to the variety of gluten-free malts that we have today,” says Ghostfish Co-Owner and Brewmaster Jason Yerger. “Thanks to the efforts and innovation of three gluten-free malthouses, we can truly brew gluten-free beer without limits, and nothing showcases that better than our 3rd Anniversary brew.”

Smoked & Oaked 22oz bottles will be released during the party, and it will also be on tap! 22oz bottles will become available in most places Ghostfish is distributed throughout the Pacific Northwest. Limited edition Ghostfish shirts and discounted case pricing will also be available during the party.



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