Ghostfish Brewing sweeps the category at U.S. Open Beer Championship

Washington’s first and only gluten-free brewery keeps earning accolades from the beer community, helping change the world’s perception of gluten-free beer. Seattle’s Ghostfish Brewing is proving that beer brewed without gluten-laden grains like barley, wheat and rye can actually be good. For too long the term gluten-free beer denoted brews that lacked body, flavor and any real character. Ghostfish is changing that perception.

ghostfish_brewing_logoGhostfish Brewing announced today that it swept the gluten-free category at the U.S. Open Beer Championship. The Grapefruit IPA, the brewery’s top seller, brought home the gold medal; Kai Dog Red IPA, my personal favorite, won the silver medal; and the 1st Anniversary Russian Imperial Stout won the bronze medal.

(see our story about all Washington winners at the U.S. Open this year.)

“Sweeping the gluten-free beer category feels really good,” said Brian Thiel, co-owner and Director of Sales and Marketing. “We aim to produce the highest quality beers utilizing the best gluten-free ingredients. These awards mean as much to our organization as they do to the suppliers of our gluten-free malted grains. They allow us to continue pushing the boundaries of beer!”

The Grapefruit IPA is a year-round offering, available on draft and in cans. The Kai Dog Red IPA is the company’s first-ever seasonal beer (available in 22-ounce bottles, as a summer offering). The 1st Anniversary Imperial Stout was brewed to commemorate Ghostfish Brewing’s first year of operation (limited release, available in 22-ounce bottles).

“There’s nothing easy about making beer the way we do,” said Brewmaster and co-owner Jason Yerger. “A huge victory like this is proof positive that the hard work we put in is absolutely worth it.”

The New Kitchen

As we reported recently, Ghostfish Brewing has now added a kitchen to the taproom and is serving a full menu of gluten-free pub grub. I was there the other day and sampled a few of the menu items. Personal faves: edamame hummus, and the fish-n-chips. The roasted sweet potato street tacos were also muy bueno! The taro chips will make you wonder why everyone isn’t doing it.

Hummus, with chips and veggies.

Save room for cake. ‘nuf said.

Flourless chocolate cake, with Watchstander Stout cream and fresh berries.

I hate referring to it as a gluten-free kitchen, because if you go there and eat the food, you may not notice that it’s gluten-free. It’s just good. But it is important to note that everything that happens at Ghostfish is gluten-free. Food, beer, all. This may not mean anything to most of you, but to those with gluten-intolerance issues it is very comforting to know.


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