Gig Harbor Brewing plans to open a new taproom, this time in Gig Harbor


When Gig Harbor Brewing opened for business two years ago, the name was a bit misleading. The brewery and taproom is in Tacoma, not Gig Harbor. John Fosberg, the owner of Gig Harbor Brewing, named his business before he’d secured a location, and though he had every intention of opening in Gig Harbor, he found a suitable spot in nearby Tacoma. Fosberg never gave up on the idea of opening a location in Gig Harbor.

Today we learned that in the spring of 2018 the brewery will open a taproom in Gig Harbor. “This space is perfect,” said Fosberg in a report in the Business Examiner. “In the heart of Gig Harbor — next to Skansie Brothers Park and the water — along Harborview Drive. Exactly where we wanted to be.”

The 1,900-square-foot space is located at 3155 Harborview Dr. at the Gig Harbor Marina and Boatyard. Map.

The location in Tacoma will remain open, and that is still where they’ll brew the beers. Fosberg hopes to open the satellite taproom in April of next year.



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