Gig Harbor Brewing releases seasonal beer, expands barrel program

Gig Harbor Brewing just announced the introduction of its seasonal beer as well as the expansion of its barrel-aging program. The company recently released its first seasonal beer,¬†Gig Harbor Spice Winter Ale. Also, they’ve more than doubled their cooperage, using barrels from Woodinville Whiskey, which means they will soon begin to barrel-age more of their beers.

Currently the brewery’s taproom in Tacoma is the only place you can enjoy the new winter seasonal beer, as well as the barrel-aged creations. More details in the press release below.

New Seasonal Beer & Expanded Barrel-Aging Keep Gig Harbor Brewing Humming Into 2017

Fresh off the heals of their summer expansion and one-year anniversary, Gig Harbor Brewing Co. just released their first cold-weather seasonal brew, Gig Harbor Spice Winter Ale.

This new offering has a nice smooth and sweet light-malt taste with a tantalizing spice finish, with notes of cinnamon and orange.

Since opening the doors a little more than 1 year ago, Gig Harbor Brewing has spent most of their time brewing and tweaking their five flagship beers, Giggly Blonde, Round Rock IPA, Sturdy Gertie Dbl IPA, Racing Rooster Red, and GH Imperial Stout, and are now ready to get a little more creative in the brewery. They are planning on producing one new seasonal per quarter in 2017 and the GH Spice Winter Ale is the first installment of the four planned seasonal beers.

“Our head brewer, Mike O’Hara, did an exceptional job creating this new brew,” said John Fosberg, owner, “and folks in the taproom are really enjoying it. It has the similar body and flavor of a brown ale, and the flavor nuances change dramatically as it warms in your glass.”

Gig Harbor Spice Winter Ale has a solid ABV of 8%, and is available only in the Gig Harbor Brewing taproom in Tacoma for a short time due to limited brew size and plans to barrel-age the style.

Speaking of barrel-aging, Gig Harbor has also more than doubled their barrel-aging efforts in the past few months due to the growing demand in their taproom.

“We’ve hooked up with the award-winning distillery, Woodinville Whiskey, of Woodinville WA, to make — what I believe to be — some of the best tasting whiskey barrel-aged beers you’ll find in the South Sound area,” said Fosberg. “The barrels we’re getting from Woodinville are exceptional — wet and freshly drained — and coupled with our beers, make a great pairing.”

So far, Gig Harbor has aged their Imperial Stout, Sturdy Gertie Dbl IPA, Racing Rooster Red Ale, and their newest addition to the barrels, Round Rock IPA. The barrel-aged Imperial Stout is currently on tap, while most of the other barrel-aged beers will be available within the next 30-60 days.

Again, the barrel-aged offerings are only available in their taproom on S Tacoma Way, in Tacoma. Visit their website for more information and taproom hours at, or call (253) 474-0672.


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  1. Umm, doesn’t Woodinville Whiskey use cute little 10ish gallon casks rather than 60 gallon spirit barrels? They are fun for homebrew but hardly the basis of a commercial brewery’s barrel program. Surface area to volume ratios and oxidation are going to be very different and eventually they won’t even have a full half barrel keg to sell.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Actually, Woodinville Whiskey uses both. We’ve chosen the larger barrels for barrel-aging our ales. Come on into the taproom and try some, Mr. R.

  2. The ones you’re talking about are 8-gallon barrels. Woodinville Whiskey also uses full-size 53-gallon barrels, just like everyone else.

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