Gird thy liver. Time for Cask-o-Rama at the Beveridge Place Pub

beveridge_place_pub_logoTime once again for the Beveridge Place Pub’s IPA Cask-o-Rama — a wonderful celebration of  good firkin beer! The event starts this Thursday, Nov. 5th at 6:00 p.m. and runs until the end of business on Saturday. Where else can you find 24 different cask-conditioned IPAs on tap at once? Even if you cannot make it Thursday, check it out on Friday or Saturday. There will still be a lot of tasty cask-conditioned IPA.

While some lesser pubs might consider it an impressive feat of strength to have a dozen different cask-conditioned firkins of IPA on the bar, the Beveridge Place scoffs at such puny attempts. In all, the Bev will serve 24 different beers in the manner that God intended beer to be served — gas-free and gravity-fed.

Thursday night at 8:00 is when the Beveridge Place Pub will announce the winner of their Hoptoberfest competition — the official anointing of the beer that will be the  house IPA for the next year. Will it be Boundary Bay IPA again? Will Black Raven Trickster IPA or Harmon Pt. Defiance IPA finally be able to unseat the perennial champion?

Here’s the official word from the folks at the Bev:

The event hop-heads put on their calendars a year in advance has arrived! Twenty four cask-conditioned IPAs in Firkins and Golden Gate kegs served from the bartop the way nature intended. Cask beer is a time-honored brewer’s art, and Washington brewers are The Masters! Leonardo McClung, Raphael Cluley, Michealangelo Ringe, Donatello Beauxman, and many others have put the last brush strokes in place, now it’s time to appreciate the results. What’s on tap? Glad you asked. How about…

Anacortes, Black Raven Trickster, Big Al, Big Time Bhagwans, Boundary Bay, Diamond Knot, Dicks, Elysian Immortal, Fish Organic, Fremont Interurban, Hale’s Supergoose, Harmon Pt. Defiance, Iron Horse, Leavenworth Hodgsons,

Northern Lights, Pike, Rock Bottom Hop Bottom, Schooner Exact 3-Grid, Scuttlebutt, Snipes Mt., Snoqualmie Wildcat, Two Beers Echo, and ?

We guarantee you won’t find more hops in one place outside of Yakima!

Oh, and we’ll announce the winner of our annual HOPTOBERFEST vote. The official announcement will happen at 8:00pm.

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