Goodlife Brewing is Increasing Capacity & Adding Canning Line

Goodlife Brewing of Bend, OR recently announced a multiphase expansion project that will see the brewery increase its annual capacity to 27,000 barrels. The plan also calls for the addition of a 18-head canning line. Unlike so many other young breweries, Goodlife Brewing planned for this kind of expansion.

The brewery just opened 2.5 years ago but has already made a name for itself across the Pacific Northwest. My personal favorites are the Descender IPA (duh), the Mountain Rescue Pale Ale, and the Sweet As Pacific Ale. Here’s something you may not know.  In New Zealand, the term sweet as is used to describe something that is really good or awesome. Beer touring in Bend these days is sweet as. Have you tried the Scotch Ale from Goodlife Brewing? It’s sweet as. You get the point.

Below is the press release from Goodlife Brewing. You can also read a story here, that was published yesterday in The Bulletin (the newspaper in Bend).

Bend, OR – Seeing the increasing demand for production, GoodLife Brewing has started 2014 by beginning a multi-phase expansion at the brewery in Bend.The first phase of the 2.5-year-old brewery’s expansion is the addition of 3 fermenting tanks, making the brewery’s annual capacity 27,000 BBL’s, and the second phase is the installation of an 18 head canning line.

Goodlife's Tennessee Jed, hoists medals from the Best of Craft Beer Awards. Photo shamelessly pinched from Goodlife's Facebook page.
Goodlife’s Tennessee Jed, hoists medals from the Best of Craft Beer Awards. Photo shamelessly pinched from Goodlife’s Facebook page.

The 22,000 square foot brewery that started out empty is now quickly filling, as GoodLife Brewing adds two 240-barrel fermenting tanks and a 130-barrel lager tank. Head Brewer/Owner Curt Plants said, “We knew that by starting with a big space and 30 BBL brew house, we’d have the unique ability to grow organically as our demand grew.” With sales growing from 3,100 BBLS in 2012 to 9,000 in 2013, the three tanks will grow GoodLife’s capacity from 12,800 BBLs to 27,000 BBLs.

Plants said, “The 240-barrel fermenters will be used for package, which will free up the current tanks for us to brew more seasonal and specialty beers.” A few of the seasonal/specialty beers that GoodLife has brewed before are: 29’er Brown Ale, Redside IRA, Pass Stout, Comatose IIPA, and Evil Sister. Currently, GoodLife is canning Descender IPA and Sweet As Pacific Ale, while the addition of a third can looms in the near future.

Shiny new fermenters. Photo unceremoniously boosted from Goodlife's Facebook page.
Shiny new fermenters. Photo unceremoniously boosted from Goodlife’s Facebook page.

The new canning line that will be arriving at the brewery this week is an 18-head line built by Palmer-Tech, based out of Chicago, IL. This is the first canning line they have sent to the West Coast and also the largest they have built, which is capable of running at 150 cans per minute. Having used the excellent services of Craft Canning for the last 9 months, GoodLife is excited about having their own line on-site. Plants said, “We’ve always been advocates of canning beer and it’s always been our goal, so to have our own machine is a dream come true.”

With the additional of tanks and the canning line, you will be able to find an increasing supply of GoodLife cans at Fred Meyer’s, Safeway, Market of Choice, Whole Foods, New Seasons, Trader Joes, QFC and PCC Natural Markets throughout Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

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