Gourd Almighty – Sunshine and Pumpkin Beer

(Reported live from the event on Saturday.) Crowds are building as the sun shines down on the Elysian Great Pumpkin Beer Fest at their new production facility in Georgetown.

What’s new? More space – lots more space – so you can tell the lines apart from each other.

Food trucks – we had Po’boy sandwiches from Where Ya At Matt without waiting in line for an hour a la last weekend’s Mobile Chowdown. We also saw Skillet, Bluebird Ice Cream and Mighty O Donuts.

Presale ticket holders can walk right in. If you don’t have tickets, there’s a long line of people waiting to get in as drinkers leave for the day. (Probably will not be the case on Sunday as the second day of the festival did not sell out.)

We showed up early and sampled a wide assortment of pumpkin beers. We noticed a trend toward sour and Belgian style ales this year. We recommend two of the beers being poured inside, Elysian’s Orange Manalishi and Coche de Medianoche.

Advice for tomorrow – get there early, be patient while searching the construction-riddled neighborhood for parking, and bring cash for extra beer tickets. Sunday the event runs from noon until 6:00.

Elysian Brewery Parking Lot
5510 Airport Way S
Seattle, WA 98108

$20 – Ticket price includes Souvenir Glass and 6 drink tickets.


Dick Cantwell - Elysian Brewmaster and renowned pumpkin beer guru.



  1. Many great beers! Stopped in to Full Throttle on the way home and picked up a few of my favorites for later.

  2. Just wish the Avery Rumpkin was distributed up here. Really tasty for such a big beer. Fremont pumpkin bbomb was really good and Black Raven’s was different than any other pumpkin beer i’ve had. Absolutely no spices added to their beer, nice for something different.

  3. I attended on Sunday and found the scene quite manageable. Very impressed with the variety of styles. Thanks to Dick and the crew for hosting a pumpfabulous event which topped the experience of last year. P.S. More seating would be nice for next year.

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