Grow a Mo this November

Throughout November, Fremont Brewing Company is brewing and distributing Mo-Brew Porter to local Fremont bars and pubs. For every pint ordered $1 will be donated towards raising funds and awareness for cancers that affect men.

Without it, Magnum is just Tom Selleck

Theodore Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, Frank Zappa and Albert Einstein all had one. So did Freddie Mercury, Groucho Marx, Magnum P.I. and Martin Luther King Jr. They are all great men with faces most commonly identified with a moustache.

October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Now it is November and time for men around the world to grow mustaches to help fight cancers that affect men. That’s right, it’s Movember. (“Mo” is the Australian slang term for mustache.) Organized by the Movember Foundation, Movember challenges men to alter their appearance for a month to raise awareness and funds to help fight those cancers that affect men.

The rules are simple. Start the month clean shaven and spend November growing a mo. No beards and no goatees. When people ask you, “What’s up with the mustache?” You can tell them that you’re growing it to raise awareness of cancers that affect men. That’s the point.

Funds raised by the Movember Foundation benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG. There are a number of Movember fund-raising campaigns around the world, including the Mo-Brew Porter campaign brewed up and organized by Fremont Brewing with the support of Taphandles.

Be Brave

What the hell, grow a ‘stache. Uh, excuse me, grow a mo. Mine has already started to come in. Quite nicely, might I add. Think that growing a mo doesn’t involve any courage? Consider the scary picture below. That’s me in the late 80s. I shaved off that mo when one of my roommates told me that it made me look like a drummer in a Canadian rock band.

Fremont Brewing’s Mo-Brew Porter campaign kicked off on October 30th with a pub crawl through Fremont. Upcoming events include a Top Gun Flash Mob at the Red Door on November 18th (gather at 7:00, sing at 8:00) and the Movember finale at the Red Door on November 30th.

Even if you do not have the courage to grow a mustache this November, go out and find Mo-Brew Porter on tap around Fremont. Better yet, you can donate money to the Movember cause on Fremont Brewing’s behalf. For more information, visit

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