Hale’s Ale Brewery announces the 15 Minutes of Fame series of IPAs

Hale’s Ale Brewery announces its 15 Minutes of Fame series of IPAs. Through out 2017, the brewery will release a new IPA each month. Here are the details from the brewery.

Hale’s New “15 Minutes of Fame” IPA Series

We’re bidding 2016 a fond farewell and ushering in the New Year with an exciting new series of beers. Every month in 2017 Hale’s Ale’s Brewery will release a unique, small batch, hop forward India Pale Ale. Available in kegs only, Hale’s “15 Minutes of Fame” IPA Series will yield 12 different and eminently quaffable IPA’s and allow our noble brewers another opportunity for innovation and experimentation. Here’s head brewer Chris describing this series:

You’ll find your “15 Minutes of Fame” at any number of alehouses in the greater Seattle area. Just keep looking. And enjoy it while you can because once it’s gone, brother, it’s gone.


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