Half price beer. But you must act now!

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There are a couple of great deals going on today. When I say great, I’m talking about cheap beer. Can you say, 2 for 1? Ellersick Brewing (Big E Ales) and Naked City Taphouse are currently running great specials, but you have to act now (you can drink later). By now, most people are familiar with the basic “Groupon” concept, though they are not the only ones doing it anymore. You buy a coupon for, let’s say, $10 and that entitles you to $20 worth of stuff. It’s kind of a new concept, but it’s caught on like wildfire. Here are links to two deals being offered right now that should be of interest to thrift-minded beer drinkers:

Naked City – $40 worth of stuff for $20

Ellersick – $30 worth of stuff for $15

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