Happening Tonight – 74 Street Alehouse celebrates Thanksgiving eve

Of course, it’s Wednesday so you can expect to find casks at Black Raven and the Malt and Vine. It is, after all, an Oostkant Cask Crawl Wednesday.  Other than that, the only thing I’ve come up with as far as “happening tonight” is happening at the 74th Street Alehouse. If you know of something else, please leave a comment and share the information. This is, after all, one of the best party nights of the year – Thanksgiving eve.

The 74th Street Alehouse will have a firkin of Diamond Knot Industrial Ho Ho on the bar tonight. Come on by and sample some of the wintry goodness. The Industrial Ho Ho is certain to warm the cockles of your heart and set your tummy right for digesting massive quantities of  Thanksgiving fixins.