Happening Tonight: Barrel-Aged Beers in Ballard

While I openly mock people who go mental over certain beers and certain breweries, I freely admit that I am not above such behavior. I have some mighty big beer crushes of my own. For instance, Cascade Brewing. What Ron Gansberg does at the Cascade Brewing Barrel House in Portland is closer to magic than it is brewing. It does not merely impress me, it kind of freaks me out. Those of you who have visited the place, or even sampled a fair share of the beers, know what I’m talking about.

Tonight (Thursday, March 1st) the Noble Fir in Ballard taps into a number of Cascade beers. On tap tonight in Ballard: Bain De Brugge, Barrel-Aged Crude Diesel, Frostkiller, Helga the Hammered, Noyeaux, Pater Project, Scarlet Fever Saison De La Maison, Saison Minuit, Saison Fumé, Sang Noir, and The Vine.

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  1. I’m with you Kendall – looking forward to this one all week. I went in on Sunday and was told the tap selection was smaller than usual in preparation for Cascade Brewing Night. I made a mental note, and it has been a source of calming during a busy week!

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