Happening Tonight – Georgetown Caskoff at the Bev

There’s two reasons to visit the Beveridge Place Pub tonight. The Georgetown Caskoff is happening tonight, 7 p.m. What’s the Caskoff?

Many events in nature are efficacious in determining a pecking order of dominance:  rams butt horns; giraffes intertwine necks; and brewers cask off.  That’s right, a little trash-talking around the brewery gets settled with Mike and Reid each making their own secretive cask version of Chopper’s.  It’s going to be a blind taste test by you, the impartial judges, to determine our winner.  Not sure what’s on the line outside of bragging rights, but it’s been said that Reid’s celebratory dance includes a lot of vocal chirping and something that simulates riding a bull.

Also happening tonight at the Bev, a new beer release from Schooner Exact,  a “light golden summer ale” called The Union.  Being one of our smaller craft breweries, Schooner Exact doesn’t often release a new beer. Tonight at the Bev you can be the first to try this limited-release beer that brewer Matt McClung created for a friend’s wedding a few years back, and brews occasionally for other such special events. This batch is the first time they’ve brewed Union on their new larger system, so even though they brewed it for his niece’s wedding they have a few kegs to share. 

Come share a pint tonight at the Bev, and try the dualing Choppers too.