Happy Birthday Pike Brewery – All week long.

Sunday, Oct. 17 was Pike Brewery’s Birthday. Cheers to Pike! Very Happy Birthday! The celebration continues all week long with special beers, prices and events.  Details below.

The Birthplace of Great Brewers

Over the past 21 years, the Pike Pub and Brewery has given the Washington craft beer scene more than great beer. Beyond the world class ales, they’ve helped spawn more great brewers than I can remember. Some of the most esteemed Washington brewers came through Pike in one way or another. People like Bill Jenkins (Big Time Brewery), Kevin Forhan (Ram, Northgate), Janelle Pritchard (Trade Route), Skip Madsen (formerly of Water Street and Boundary Bay), and Drew Cluley (current top dog at Pike), to name only a few. The complete list is staggering.

The Pike Pub and Brewery is a Seattle institution. Because of the location next to the market, it is understandable that the Pike is all that many tourists see of Seattle’s proud brewing tradition. Thank heavens that the beer and people at the Pike Pub and Brewery represent Washington beer so well.

Charles and RoseAnn Finkel, founders and current owners of the Pike, are legends in the craft beer business, not to mention two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. The story of their contribution to American craft beer is remarkable. Someday it will be properly told. For now, just know that they are legends. I will never forget the first really good beer I ever tasted. I was still a teenager, probably in about 1981, and the beer was called Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout, imported by Merchant Du Vin–a company started by Charles Finkel in 1978.

I could go on all day. Instead, I’ll just say happy birthday.

Here is the birthday week info from Pike:

October 17, 2010 is Pike’s birthday. We’re 21, we’re proud of it and we are going to celebrate reaching maturity with what else, but a week of coming-of-age events!


October 17-24

Our three original Pike ales that were served at The Pike Pub will be featured at their opening day prices!

$3.50 for pints · $11.00 for pitchers

Hoppy Hour (Monday-Friday) pints $2.50

Much has changed over 21 years. We are master brewers, chefs, and servers. Our celebration will feature a delicious and affordable prix fixe dinner every evening as a special alongside our regular Pike Pub menu featuring local, sustainable pub fare. We hope you will be able to join us in celebrating 21 years of great food and beers!