Harmon Brewing announces its 20th anniversary celebration plans


These days its hard to imagine downtown Tacoma with only one brewery, but when Harmon Brewing opened 20 years ago, it was the first. A lot has changed over the past two decades, but Harmon remains. The week of October 2nd thru 6th, Harmon Brewing celebrates its 20th anniversary. Throughout the week, join them for an Oktoberfest celebration. On Thursday, October 5th you are invited to a special German-themed beer dinner (reservations required).

For more details about all of this, here’s the press release from Harmon Brewing.

Harmon Brewing Co. Celebrates 20 Years of Local Craft Beer in Downtown Tacoma with a Weeklong Oktoberfest Party

Tacoma, WA – Harmon Brewery and Restaurant Co. announces its 20th anniversary featuring its annual Oktoberfest celebration. The festivities will last all week long, including the highlight of the week, a German Themed Brew Master Dinner on Thursday October 5 th at 6:30 pm. Reservations are required for this exclusive brew dinner limited to 60 people, but the Oktoberfest celebration is open to everyone. To make a reservation for the brew dinner, call the Harmon at (253) 383-2739.

During the week of October 2nd – 6th, Harmon will be serving new, limited edition beers – featuring a true German Style Hefeweizen and a Pilsner. In addition to cold frosty brews, the bar and restaurant will be running specials all week, playing traditional German music and serving delicious German-style food for a fun satisfying celebration!

With twenty years of brewing beers in its repertoire, Harmon Brewing has remained dedicated to its roots, all starting with the first batch of Harmon’s famous Pt. Defiance IPA. Although recipes have changed and evolved, its flagship beers have remained true to the art of small batch, craft brewing while sourcing local ingredients of malted barley and hops. Each Harmon beer are named after local history and landmarks which is tied to the restaurant's theme covered in outdoor, mountaineering décor. Mt Takhoma Blonde (the native name for Mt. Rainier), Pinnacle Peak Pale Ale, Puget Sound Porter and Browns Pt. ESB are a few of Harmon flagship beers. Harmon beer is award-winning on the local and national scale including its many rotating seasonal brews.

Harmon Brewing Co. was the first to open a microbrewery/restaurant in Tacoma’s Downtown in
September of 1997. The brewery is steeped in local history, with its 8000 square foot restaurant and 15-barrel brewery located on the retail level of the Historic Harmon Mfg. Building – once the home of the largest furniture manufacturing company this side of the Mississippi. Fred Roberson, the owner and developer of the Harmon Building was the driving force behind saving and rehabbing these historic buildings – the Harmon was his first of many in downtown Tacoma.

Founding partner, Pat Nagle remembers those early days vividly: “It was exciting – and even frightening at times – to be in the midst of Tacoma’s downtown revitalization. We are proud to be a part of creating a downtown that today has grown into a beautiful community, rich in history. To think we were one of the first bar/restaurants with no smoking; or one of the first restaurants on Pacific Ave. after Bimbos was closed down; years before Lite Rail paved its way through the middle of the street, or when we paralleled parked on Pacific, is truly incredible.”

Come celebrate the history of the Harmon Brewery at its annual Oktoberfest festival.

What: Harmon Brewing Co.’s 20 Year Anniversary Celebration

Where: 1938 Pacific Ave., Tacoma WA — 98402 (253) 383-2739

Date and Time: October 2-6th 2017 from 11am to close – open to everyone

Reservations only Brew Dinner: Thursday, October 5 th at 6:30pm


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