Harmon Brewing Returns to Cheney Stadium

The ballpark is one of my favorite places to drink beer. I love cheering on the hometown nine while I enjoy a hometown brew. There’s no better place to enjoy a Tacoma-brewed beer than Cheney Stadium, the home of the Tacoma Rainiers.

Yesterday (April 3rd) was opening day at Cheney Stadium. Well, that’s not exactly true. Last night’s game was rained out. So, the season kicks off today with a double header. This season-0pening home stand is eight games long.


Harmon Brewing Company is back for another season at Cheney Stadium. The Hub and Harmon Brewing recently announced that they’ve renewed their contracts with the Tacoma Rainiers for the 2014 season. The Hub’s Pie on the Fly concession stand sells pizza by the slice or whole pie, and also pours a rotating selection of Harmon Brewing beers.

“This is a big deal for us to continue this partnership with the Tacoma Rainiers Ball club and the concession operators – Ivars/Kidd Valley,” said co-owner Pat Nagle. “They are amazing to work with. We will serve Harmon beer at a few other locations in the ballpark as well as the Hub stand. It’s a great venue to continue to brand Harmon and Hub!”

I know that many people are jaded about the price of beers at Safeco Field. Last time I was at Cheney Stadium (maybe two years ago), a 16 ounce craft beer cost $7.00. And they had a nice selection.