Help Lucky Envelope Brewing celebrate its fourth anniversary on April 27th


Lucky Envelope Brewing is about to celebrate its fourth anniversary and they need your help. You see, as the name suggests, Lucky Envelope is all about cultural tradition. In particular, the Chinese tradition of the lucky envelope. Problem is, according to Chinese tradition the number four is unlucky. So, they need us all to help them usher in the next year of their existence by enjoying some great beer and wishing them good fortune.

Join them on Saturday, April 27th at the brewery’s taproom in Ballard as they release some special beers for the occasion. And that’s not all. The festivities begin at noon and continue into the night.

“This year’s Anniversary celebration has cultural significance,” says co-founder Raymond Kwan. “The number four in Chinese tradition is unlucky because the Chinese word for the number sounds similar to the word death. Like some Western practices of excluding the 13th floor, you may find the 4th floor missing from some buildings in Asia.”

Lucky Envelope is releasing an Anniversary Hazy IPA brewed with Medusa, Mosaic, and Comet hops. They’re also releasing small batches of past customer-favorites: Tea Smoked Helles Lager, Strawberry Milkshake IPA, and Cuke Nukem Cucumber Sour. Rounding out this year’s anniversary lineup are a Blackberry Sour and Strawberry & Rhubarb Golden Strong Ale.

“We decided to re-release our Cuke Nukem Cucumber Sour which we brewed with friend and homebrewer Blake Doepker as last year’s Pro-Am entry into the Washington Beer Awards, which won a silver medal,” says co-founder and Brewmaster Barry Chan. “As a brewer with homebrewing roots, I wanted to recognize the homebrewing community for being so amazing and supportive of Lucky Envelope.”

Lucky Envelope Brewing takes its name from the Chinese tradition – tied closely with New Year celebrations – of elders bestowing red-and-gold envelopes to loved ones as a gesture of luck and goodwill. They’ll be handing out red envelopes at that anniversary celebration on a first-come-first-served basis, so get there early and see what you get.

Keep an eye on the Facebook event page.