Help spread the word about the Washington Brewers Festival

The Washington Beer Commission sent out a message today to all members of WABL asking for a little help. As any good WA beer geek knows, the big daddy is right around the corner. I’m talking about the mother of all Father’s Day beer festivals — the Washington Brewers Festival. They’d like your help distributing posters.

We’re gearing up for the Washington Brewers Fest which is just a few weeks away, and we need your help with poster distribution! If you know any pubs, retails stores, community centers, libraries, etc with high foot traffic, or live/work in an office building or condo/apartment with a lot of beer lovers then please email me with your mailing address and how many posters you want. Your help is much appreciated!

Email Lisa if you can help.

Should you choose to accept this mission, here’s a word of advice. It is not enough to simply deliver the posters. Bring thumbtacks or at least tape. Put them up yourself where and when you can.

If you aren’t a member already, and you like beer enough to read this blog, perhaps you should join WABL. (Read some of our previous posts about WABL.) It’s fun to be a WABL!

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  1. I was of two minds when I saw that email. One was immediately to email Lisa and get some posters to put up around Redmond and Woodinville. Then the selfish part of me said, “Dude, last year you could barely get a beer after noon on Saturday, do you REALLY want more people to get in the way of you getting beer?”. I remember back in the day going all day and only starting to see lines around 3-4pm. While I’m happy that the festival and WABL are growing in such numbers it doesn’t help me get my beer at the festival in a timely manner, LOL!

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