Help Wanted: Seattle Brewery is Hiring a Brewer

So, you want to be a brewer? Today we share an opportunity for a home brewer to go pro. In March we reported that Bluebird Microcreamery, a local producer of outstanding ice cream, was adding a brewery to one of its three Seattle locations. Read our original report. The brewery has now been successfully built, test batches have been brewed, and the company is ready to start making beer. Just one problem: they need to hire a brewer.

Luckily for Josh Reynolds, owner of Bluebird Microcreamery, one of his friends is a brewer for a top Seattle brewery and was able to help build the brewery and get things in working order. Now it is time for someone else to take the reigns. This is a great opportunity for an accomplished home brewer looking to turn pro. Here is the job posting:

A North Seattle, 2bbl nanobrewery is seeking an experienced homebrewer who is interested in making the jump to pro. The brewery is already TTB and LCB approved, and the first batches of beer have been made. Unfortunately, our current brewer already has a full-time job in the industry, and this project is demanding more time than he (and his young family) can afford. The right candidate will initially be responsible for brewing 2-3 batches a month, and will oversee all aspects of production, packaging, and inventory. This is a perfect opportunity for someone to develop beers and build a brand from the ground up. The current work week is averaging 10 hrs, but will increase with expansion plans. If the partnership works out, partial ownership is a strong possibility. Please contact bluebirdbrewing with inquiries/resume including all brewing-related experiences/accolades.