Hi-Fi Brewing closing down on February 21st


We’ve known for quite some time that Hi-Fi Brewing was, basically, for sale. Now we’ve learned that the brewery in Redmond is closing down. Wednesday, February 21st is the last day. Between now and then they’d love to see you one last time so that you can help them drain the tanks. Perhaps this Saturday for one last comedy night at the brewery.

“As you can imagine, any small business these days… is a 24/7 kind of operations, and I wouldn’t mind actually having a weekend off or something like that,” said John Carothers, the owner, in an interview with the Redmond Reporter. “It has been a blast, it’s the best job I’ve ever had, really liked it. Really, really liked the people I’d get here.”

Why are they shutting down now? The lease is up and continuing would mean signing another five-year lease.

Carothers offered some parting words, a bit of advice for those interested in jumping into the brewery game. “It’s a challenging task, it’s a lot to it, there’s a lot of money involved, although I don’t think that’s any different than any other startup business, but it’s a real business and it’s a lot of work.”

“Redmond, we love you and thanks for a good run,” Carothers said.



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