Hilliard’s Beer opens to the public today

Ballard’s newest brewery opens to the public today. Hilliard’s Beer invites the public to come visit their warehouse-style brewery today (Friday, October 7th) from 3:00 – 10:00. A local street-food vendor (Skillet) will be there serving food and a DJ will spin discs to help mark the occasion. Along with Hilliard’s Saison, with which many beer geeks are already familiar, expect to quaff Hilliard’s Amber. For the kids, they’ll serve root beer.

Hilliard’s is the first Washington craft brewery to employ an automated canning line. While 7 Seas Brewing in Gig Harbor and Two Beer Brewing in SoDo both package their beer in cans, they do it manually. Hilliard’s is now successfully canning its beers using an automated system Visit the Hilliard’s Beer website to see a video of the canning system in action.

According to one report in a local newspaper, the system is capable of filling 75,000 cans per hour. Obviously, that’s incorrect. Thirty cans per minute is a better estimate according to Cask Brewing Systems, the Canadian company that manufactured the system. Still, that’s very quick compared to doing it manually.
Cheers to Hilliard’s Beer!

Hilliard’s Beer
1550 NW 49th Street
Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 465-0078

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  1. The 75,000 number which the Ballard News Tribune claimed they could fill per hour was I think a misreading of Hilliard’s blog which says their *manufacturer* can make the cans at 75000/hour. That makes more sense; building cans is much faster than filling them.

    I’m very excited Hilliard’s is going to have a saison in their regular lineup (and canned! Is this the first canned saison on the West coast?). It’s a great style, but one that few breweries do year round currently.

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