Holy Mountain Brewing, taproom status and more info

Since Holy Mountain Brewing launched last October, pouring its first beers at a big kickoff soiree at the Pine Box, local beer lovers have anxiously awaited the opening of the taproom at the brewery in Seattle. Well, today we are happy to announce that they are getting closer to opening at the brewery in Interbay. I don’t mean that as a psych, I actually do have news to share.

First off, the taproom is indeed getting close. They expect to go through final inspections in the next week or so and will then announce an opening date. Also, Holy Mountain Brewing brought on Kayle Thompson to manage the taproom. If the name sounds familiar, it’s probably because Kayle worked for Tom Douglas Restaurants as the Beer Czar. Also, she’s worked with local beer distributors.

Taken a couple weeks ago, this picture shows the happily large bar at the taproom. Lifted from the Holy Mountain Facebook page.
Taken a couple weeks ago, this picture shows the happily large bar at the taproom. Lifted from the Holy Mountain Facebook page.

We also have some information about how Holy Mountain Brewing will approach growler sales and growler fills at the brewery. Due to the limited nature of the beers, many of which are barrel-aged and/or barrel-fermented, only select beers will be available in growlers at the taproom at any given time.

“We’ll be implementing a 32-ounce growler exchange program–buy the glass, bring it back and exchange it for a pre-filled 32-ounce growler of fresh beer,” explained Mike Murphy of Holy Mountain Brewing. “We’re doing this mainly to ensure that the growlers we send out will be properly purged with CO2 and filled to ensure the highest quality experience possible when folks are drinking Holy Mountain beer at home.”

“We’ll be focusing on the 32-ounce format to ensure the beer will be consumed in one sitting. We believe that a growler should NEVER be opened, re-capped and consumed the day after. With the 32-ounce format, people easily can mix and match a few different styles of fresh beer.”

Holy Mountain will also offer one rotating beer on tap that will be available for 64-ounce growler fills if customers choose to bring regular growlers from home to have filled on demand.

Price Range and Availability:

32-ounce pre-filled HMB brand Growlers: $6-$8 fill/exchange (2-3 beers available at any given time)
On-Demand 64oz fills: $12-$16 (1 beer available at all times)

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  1. If I don’t plan on drinking an entire 64oz growler in a day then as soon as I open it I fill up one of my many 32oz mason jars and cap on liquid so there’s no o2 and the seal on them is great. Then I drink the last 2 pints out of the growler. I keep mason jars filled for months and the beer is fresh and carbonated.

  2. From a brewers perspective when you fill from one container to another you have a detrimental amount of oxygen pickup, especially once it leaves the brewery. eg: Tank to Bottle, Keg to Growler, growler to mason jar, etc… Once the beer picks up oxygen the process of staling starts and it doesn’t stop, even if you put the lid directly on top of beer.

    I don’t blame them for having a pre-filled growler exchange, it is much better for the quality of the beer, plus filling growlers is a huge source of loss. We’ve all seen the seemingly endless stream of foam/beer spilling over during a growler fill… not to mention the super busy bar tender that walks away from the fill.

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