Hop Class with Professor Randall, Presented by Pine Box & Fremont Brewing

The 2012 fresh hop beer season is beginning to wind down. There are still plenty of fresh hop beers out there, but not for long. This Wednesday, starting at 3:00, The Pine Box and Fremont Brewing present a very hoppy event indeed: Hop Class with Professor Randall. The pub will have a number of fresh hop beers on tap as well as a series of “randallized” beers for your enjoyment and education.

“We’ll have about 20 different fresh hop beers on tap but the real fun part will be the randalls,” says Ian Roberts, publican at The Pine Box. “We’re pouring ten randalls side by side, each one flowing with Fremont Pale Ale. Ten taps of Fremont Pale Ale but through 10 different hop [varietals]. Something fun and educational for beer nerds.”

What is a randall? Dogfish Head Brewing says they invented it. That’s probably true. The device has become increasingly popular in recent years. Think of it as a filter that you connect to a tap. Between the keg and your glass, the beer passes through a chamber filled with flavor-enhancing ingredients. People have been known to fill randalls with all sorts of stuff, such as figs, peaches and even beef jerky. Thankfully, a randall is usually filled with hops. In short, it is a way to add more hop flavor to your beer.

Along with ten different randallized versions of Fremont Pale Ale, expect to see the following fresh hop beers pouring on Wednesday night:

Ninkasi Smells Like Purple
Ninkasi Total Crystalation
Fremont Cowiche Canyon
Great Divide Fresh Hop
Schooner Exact Fresh Hop
Boulder Fresh Tracks
Cascade Fresh Hop Porter
Deschutes Hop Trip
Deschutes Chaisin Freshies
Full Sail Hopfen Firsch
Sierra Nevada Estate
Bainbridge Brewing Locobore
Elysian Chinookie Cask