Hop Mob After Party this weekend at The Collective

Last call for Hop Mob! Last month’s Washington Hop Mob Triple IPA Roadshow was a huge success. But it aint over yet. This weekend The Collective On Tap in Woodinville is hosting the Hop Mob After Party: the last Hop Mob event until next year.

Here’s the word from the source:

We were bummed the we missed the Hop Mob this year. So we’ve decided to throw our own Hop Mob After Party! This weekend we’ll have Triple IPAs from Georgetown Brewing, Postdoc Brewing, Bainbridge Brewing, Black Market Brewing Co..

Needless to say, as all our Irish friends know, it’s also a pre-game for St. Paddy’s Day!

Hopefully you’ll be joining us for our celebration of St. Paddy’s Week! We’ll be having a photobooth on St. Paddy’s Day and if everyone loves it Des says I can bring it again on the weekend!

Dan did a fantastic job snatching up some Triple IPAs and Des has rounded up some great props for the photobooth where I’ll be hanging out (Josh)

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