Hop-Shine allows you to hop your own brew

MicroHops is a new company based in Everett, Washington that seeks to enhance your beer-drinking experience by allowing you to add more hop character to the beers you drink.

The company has introduced a consumer-side product called Hop-Shine that is a self-fashioned hop additive that you, the beer drinker, can use to enhance the hop character of the beer you’re drinking, allowing you to put your own twist on what the brewer has already done. MicroHops grows its own hops, creates its own hop blends, and uses its own methodology to create Hop-Shine.

Below I share information straight from MicroHop. This post is not an endorsement. I have not tried the product. I am curious to see how the beer-drinking public responds to the concept. The fact that it is a new product, and that it is a local company, makes it newsworthy.

Introducing Hop-Shine, for the first time in history, you can put ALL the flavor of a fresh picked hop directly into your beer, right when you drink it. Without aroma or flavor loss in the drying, pelletizing, brewing, fermenting or aging processes of the beer. And this is not fractionated oil, nice no doubt, but we offer something completely new for the beer drinkers palate, real WHOLE HOP, FRESH HOP flavor and aroma.

Before Hop-Shine, the hop aroma and flavor you could get in beer could be fantastic if the brewer worked super hard, we just took fantastic to a much much higher level, and took the hard part out. Because now, you can freshen up and tweak any beer you want, any time you want and to any amount, as easy as putting drops into your pint!

Hop-Shine has a flavor you can’t get anywhere else because:

• We grow and harvest our hops differently

• We have a unique terroir due to our location, which produces Cool Climate – Ocean Grown tm flavor profiles

• We have a unique and new extraction and production methodology

• We have unique blends that create fantastic aroma and flavor profiles

Hop-Shine can be used lightly to freshen up a beer that’s already amazing without the beer loosing it’s brewers intended character. That alone is a technical feat. But you can also use more Hop-Shine and radically alter a beer into something you’ve never tasted, because until now this ingredient did not exist. Once you get Hop-Shines flavor’s and aromas to dominate, you have your own unique flavored beer. This opens up a new world for beer lovers, beer blending and tweaking. How about a fruity floral wet hopped IPA / Belgian Triple? Or a Spicy -Piney Blond Ale / Pils? Need more hop in that, drop drop drop, done.

Our Product is independently made, small batch, hand crafted hop essences and bitters for craft beer lovers, home brewers, innovative craft brewers and mixed drink enthusiasts.

If having the best fresh beer experience is on your daily list of priorities, then you need to experience Hop-Shine. Now available for brewers tap rooms, home brew shops, bottle shops and beer and drink lovers in the USA. Retail price $18.00 for 50 Suggested Servings in 1 oz, .36c serving.


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  1. This is a really unusual product, there’s nothing remotely like Hop-Shine. I tasted this with a room full of some of the best Northwest palates. We all LOVED it and there weren’t even any negative comments. I personally don’t want to be without it now. If you love hops, IPAs, or the freshest flavors, then you should really check it out! But understand, you’ll be spoiled forever!

  2. Dakine! Think of using it like a connoisseur would with fine herb, spice and seasoning…your favorite handcrafted brews coming alive with that special sauce! Yah mon, I and I am absolutely spoiled!

  3. I’ve been lucky enough to try Hop-Shine on a few occasions and I’m a believer. I have used it to elevate run of the mill, mass produce ales into fresh tasting beauties with huge hop aroma and bitterness. Don’t get me started on what it can do to enhance a beer that I’m already enjoying…

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