Hopped Up Brewing Company – Opening for Business Next Week

Spokane’s newest brewery opens for business next week.¬†Hopped Up Brewing is located on E. Sprague Avenue in Spokane Valley. The brewery will include a tasting room with seating. Check out Hopped Up Brewing on Facebook. There is no big Grand Opening celebration scheduled yet, but Hopped Up Brewing will be open for business and start pouring beer next Wednesday, June 12 at 2:00.

Steve Ewan, the owner/brewer at Hopped Up Brewing, is a fan of hot rods. The name Hopped Up is a reference to his love for beer as well as his appreciation of hopped-up cars. And then there’s the building. Hopped Up Brewing is located in a former International House of Pancakes (IHOP).¬†

For the opening, Steve has brewed up a few different beers. Quaility Cream Ale, High Performance Porter, and Raspberry Champale to name a few. They’ll start out by pouring beer at the tasting room exclusively but have plans to distribute beer to local bars.

Hopped Up Brewing is using a 12-barrel system previously used by Northern Lights Brewing (now No-Li Brewhouse) back when that brewery was located in nearby Airway Heights. Steve has been planning this brewery for a long time. In fact, he picked up the brewing system a decade ago when Northern Lights Brewing moved from Airway Heights into Spokane.

Please join us in congratulating Hopped Up Brewing and welcoming them to the Washington brewing scene.

Hopped Up Brewing
10421 E Sprague
Spokane Valley, WA 99206


The picture below (shamelessly pinched from Hopped Up Brewing’s Facebook page) shows the IHOP being transformed into Hopped Up.



  1. Thanks Guys! We are still scheduled to have our soft opening this Wednesday at 2pm! Hop on in!

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