Hoptoberfest at the Beveridge Place Pub

Update Oct 17th – The final eight have been nominated! Congrats to Boundary Bay IPA, Diamond Knot IPA, Elysian Immortal IPA, Fish Organic IPA, Harmon Pt. Defiance IPA, Schooner Exact 3-Grid IPA, Skagit River Scullers IPA, and Snoqualmie Wildcat IPA for making the primaries! You have until the 22nd to vote for your favorite among this group, then they’ll narrow it to the top three for the finals.

October at West Seattle’s Beveridge Place Pub is “Hoptober.” On Friday night, we stopped by to enjoy a Big Al’s Imperial IPA, a Full Sail Prodigal Sun IPA, and a Harmon Point Defiance IPA. The selection, which rotates regularly, was outstanding.

The Bev’s month-long Hoptoberfest celebration showcases some of the Northwest’s greatest IPAs and other lupulin-fortified creations. Throughout this month, pubsters have the inalienable right to vote for their favorite local IPA. The winner becomes next year’s house IPA—the one that is always on tap. The only catch is that it must be a Washington IPA and it must be regularly available. For the last few years, the winner has been Boundary Bay IPA.

Many of the regulars at The Bev have grown accustomed to Boundary Bay IPA over the past few years. It’s human nature that people tend to like what they know. Gary Sink, the pub’s owner/operator, recognizes this fact. “I was thinking that maybe I’d take Boundary Bay out of the rotation during Hoptober,” he told WBB on Friday night. “That would force people to try something different. Maybe they’d vote for something else.”

Gary is no fool. He recognizes that Boundary Bay is an exceptional IPA and he knows the folks in West Seattle have come to expect it on tap at The Bev. Still, he figures that with so many wonderful Washington IPAs to choose from, the champion would face a tougher battle. Truth is, it’s been a landslide victory the last couple of years.

Stop by The Bev this month, sample some yummy and hoppy beer. Vote for your favorite IPA.

The Beveridge Place Pub is located at 6413 California Ave SW – West Seattle, WA 98136