Hopvine Pub – the Anniversary Beer List

As we reported last week, Hopvine Pub is about to celebrate its 20th Anniversary. The venerable Capitol Hill beer stop plans to fill an entire week with delicious beers to commemorate the occasion. In addition to a special 20th Anniversary beer brewed by Two Beers Brewing, Hoparillo Fresh Hop Ale, they have a lot of other special brews lined up – 26 special tapping in all.

Hopvine Pub’s anniversary week stretches from Monday, September 28 thru Saturday, October 3. We share the special list of beers below. Some of them are rare treats, like Black Raven Brewing’s Corvus Frambicus Raspberry Sour, Anacortes Brewing’s Broken Link Saison Sour, and a special, small-batch Red Ale brewed by one of the Hopvine’s own bartenders.


Monday, September 28th

  • Cask Beers
  • Naked City Brewing, Beyond the Pale Citra Dry-Hopped
  • Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery, Naked City Collaboration Brewmance Series
  • Bigtime Brewing, Pumpkin cask
  • No-Li Brewhouse, Refresh Lacto Tart Pale
  • Pacific Brewing and Malting, Grapefruit Citra Pale

Tuesday, September 29th

  • Two Beers Brewing, Hoparillo Fresh Hop
  • New Belgium Brewing, Felix Blackberry Love
  • Chainline Brewing, Black Swan CDA
  • Holy Mountain Brewing, Fresh Hop Pale
  • Holy Mountain Brewing, Ox Brett aged in whiskey barrels

Wednesday, September 30th

  • Black Raven Brewing, Great Grandfather Raven Bourbon Imperial Stout
  • Black Raven Brewing, Corvus Frambicus Raspberry Sour
  • Rogue Brewing, Strussen German IPA
  • Greenflash Brewing, Anniversary Sour
  • PostDoc Brewing, Alpha Factor IPA aged in Jack Daniels Barrels
  • Zach Mertens Anniversary Red – a special, one-of-a-kind keg brewed by Hopvine beertender, Zach.

Thursday, October 1

  • Stoup Brewing, Anniversary IPA Brewed for the Hopvine
  • Foggy Noggin Brewing, All Washington Malt Anniversary Pale
  • Boundary Bay Brewing, 20th Anniversary Fresh Hop IPA
  • Reubens Brews, Pumpkin Spice

Friday, October 2

  • Anacortes Brewing, Broken Link Saison Sour
  • Cask Firkin IPA

Saturday, October 3

  • Hopvine Schooner Exact IPA
  • Schooner Exact Brewing, Boxcar Hopper Barrel Aged Strong Ale
  • Wander Brewing, special Bourbon Aged Baltic Porter

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