Hot Nights, Cool Brews

Maybe it was stupid of me, but I did a bunch of yard work late yesterday afternoon in the 90 degree sun. I kept hydrated, but it still sucked the life out of me. I found myself longing for a cold beer. Fear not, I did not reach for a lawn mower beer (PBR, Rainier, Coors Light, etc). I showered up, made myself smell presentable, and then headed to the Elliott Bay Brewery Pub where I enjoyed a Wit von Boorian — Elliott Bay’s latest seasonal offering. It is light, yet flavorful. It is aromatically effervescent. With a delightful wisp of citrus, the Wit von Boorian is a deliciously quenching and refreshing beer for a sultry summer’s eve.

Wit von Boorian recently went on tap at Elliott Bay’s West Seattle pub, and is also available at the brewhouse in Burien.

On the Elliott Bay Brewing blog, Doug Hindman describes Wit von Boorian this way:

Wit von Boorian is our first collaboration with Trappist monks!

We brewed this light, flavorful, and cloudy wheat beer with some very special ingredients: chamomile flowers, coriander seeds, and orange marmalade from St. Joseph’s Abbey, a monastery in Spencer, MA. Brother Brian was kind enough to expedite a shipment to us and we are most pleased with the results.

Cooks Illustrated selected the Trappist Orange Marmalade as its favorite, saying: “Trappist Seville Orange Marmalade earned strong points for its natural orange flavor and was also the favorite of our testers who liked a solid level of sweetness as well as a moderate amount of tartness.” These same qualities also came through in the finished beer along with an enticing chamomile aroma.

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