How to Become a Stouperstar – Join the Stoup Brewing Founders Club

Okay, there are a lot of breweries-in-planning around Washington and nobody can be expected to track the progress of them all, but I’ve got my eye on this one. I once said that Ballard needs another place to drink alcohol like Capitol Hill needs another flannel-clad hipster wearing Elvis Costello glasses, but this is different. This is a brewery. And if we have learned nothing else over the past few years, Ballard always has room for one more of those.

Ballard enjoys an embarrassment of riches when it comes to breweries, and some wonder how many more the neighborhood can support. We will someday learn the answer to that question, but for now it seems there is still room for growth. And Stoup Brewing promises to be a good one. Stoup Brewing is in the final phases of construction and hopes to be open soon. (I won’t bother attaching a date to that statement. I’m a realist.) Today they announced the formation of their Founders Club.

Located near the intersection of NW 52nd and 11th Ave NW, Stoup Brewing will be a full-size brewery (not a nano). In addition to some beautiful new brewing equipment, they also have some powerful, beer-fueled minds involved in the project. I encourage you to visit the Stoup Brewing website and learn more, but suffice it to say that we expect this brewery to be a good one. Considering who is bringing this project to life, I don’t know how they can miss.

Stoup Brewing just announced that enrollment in its Founders Club is now open.

According to the website, “Stoup Brewing’s founding members, a.k.a. Stouperstars, are modern day beer heroes (not to worry, as a brilliant lady once avowed, “no capes!”) -but we digress. Stouperstars are folks who not only appreciate well-crafted beer, but also support Stoup’s mission to honor the science, tradition and innovation behind brewing. Stouperstars are active members of their local beer community who understand that swill is only acceptable as a verb.”

Along with a fancy name (Stouperstar), members get a whole list of perks. Not just a growler and a T-shirt, but much more, including beer. Once you’re a member, you are a Stouperstar for life.

“Memberships are available for a limited time only…and at $250, these honeys got velocity. Don’t forget that they make great gifts too.”

I highly encourage you to go learn more about this opportunity. Note the way I used the word opportunity and not offer.

By the way, since you asked about the name…

stoup  [stoop]

1. Ecclesiastical A basin or font for holy water at the entrance of a church.

2. A drinking vessel, such as a cup or tankard.

3. Scots A bucket or pail.

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  1. I’d be in for Stoup’s founders club if it were half the price, or came with more substantial benefits. Other breweries have done about the same in hard goods and discounts for $100, and I’m sorry but my name on a wall isn’t worth that much to me.

    Otherwise I wish them luck and I look forward to tasting their beer.

  2. Personally, I don’t think anyone expects a founders club like this to be a break even proposition — $100 worth of stuff for a $100 commitment. The honor or prestige of being a founder is part of the package. Otherwise, it would just be a customer club. But, that’s just my opinion.

  3. I agree with Kendall. To me, this is an investment in what I believe will be a very successful brewery. Science + beer = GOOD!

  4. How am I supposed to know it’s going to be a good brewery? Wish I could see what beers they will release.

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