How You (and Beer) Can Help Celebrate the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Expansion

Last week, President Obama signed into law an expansion of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness (among other wilderness areas). The act protects over 22,000 new wilderness acres and creates nearly 40 miles of newly designated Wild and Scenic Rivers around the Pratt and Mid-Fork Snoqualmie Rivers. What does that have to do with beer? It’s the water.

We’ve talked before about Washington Wild and their Brewshed® Alliance. To nut it down, Washington Wild is a local organization that supports the creation of wilderness areas, particularly to support our watersheds. One of their hard-working employees, Lyndsey Gordon, is also a craft beer fanatic. Her lightbulb moment was that the core of the Washington Wild movement, to preserve watersheds, is also really good for beer and brewers. Hence their Brewshed campaign, designed to draw beer makers and beer drinkers into the idea of preserving our watersheds.

Washington Wild has been working on the Alpine Lakes Wilderness expansion for seven years. Seven. Years. To celebrate, they are partnering with Elliott Bay Brewing Company to create an Alpine Lakes Pale. The beer will be released at an event on February 19th, 2015 at the Elliott Bay Lake City location. The only catch? This limited-edition beer will only be brewed if $2,500 or more is donated to Washington Wild first.

Kim and Kendall with Lindsey of Washington Wild, beneficiary of Craft Beer+Food 2014
Kim and Kendall with Lyndsey of Washington Wild, beneficiary of Craft Beer+Food 2014

Once the beer is brewed, Elliott Bay Brewing Company will also donate $1 per pint to Washington Wild. (Country Malt Group and Hops Direct, LLC have already donated product towards the brew.) All donations will help Washington Wild continue to advocate for more wilderness and Brewshed preservation in Washington State, such as their Wild Olympics campaign.

If you are so inclined, we think this is a win-win-win. Good for Washington Wild, good for our Brewshed, and a new tasty beer for us. More details including how you can donate are at the Washington Wild website:


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