fremont brewing in seattle navigates covid-19 shutdowns.

How one brewery is navigating this upside-down world: Fremont Brewing


During these strange times, we all find ourselves in the same, unique place. Wait. What? Same and unique? That’s a contradiction, right? No, not in these topsy-turvy times. Beyond the generalizations we all share, everybody’s circumstances are different.

The way that you have managed this massive disruption is no better or worse than the way I have managed it. The way one person or business navigates these tough times is in no way a reflection on how another person or business does it. By now, I think we all understand that. How one brewery is managing this crisis says absolutely nothing about how another brewery is managing this crisis. No right way, no wrong way, just find a dad-gummed way and hang on.

That said, Fremont Brewing is rightfully proud of, and grateful for, the way it has been able to forge onward in this upside-down world. They’ve managed to keep all of the staff employed, they’ve managed to create new sale avenues for their product, and through it all, they’ve managed to continue to operate as a positive force in the community.

Like so many of the other breweries with which I have the good fortune to be acquainted, Fremont Brewing is at its core a good citizen. In my mind, their company motto, “Because beer matters,” has always been annotated with the statement, “And so does being a good human being.” Mad respect for my friends at the center of the universe.

Here’s a word from Fremont Brewing about how they’ve pushed the ball forward in this discombobulated world.

Resilient Leadership In A Time of Crisis.

Seattle, WA, April 20, 2020 – Since Washington state enacted Shelter In Place, Fremont Brewing has kept all staff employed, adapted and launched new sales mechanisms and is giving back to the community.

CARING FOR EMPLOYEES: We’re grateful and proud to report that to date we’ve kept all our staff employed and have not furloughed any Fremont employees due to COVID-19.  In addition to keeping our entire team employed, we’ve ensured the safest workplaces possible for them. This has included purchasing personal protective equipment (PPE) for all team members, increased work from home protocols, a lifting of all PTO limits related to illness, and diligently following strong sanitation protocols. Combined these efforts ensure Fremont remains a safe place to work and visit.

NEW WAYS TO SELL BEER: Within days of transitioning our Urban Beer Garden for to-go beer only, we launched  for curbside, contact-less beer sales and have added new beers to it weekly. We released one of our most anticipated beers of the year, Brew 4000, entirely online and sold thru brewery direct bottles in less than 20 minutes over two offerings.  Continuing the theme of trying new things, last week we launched brewery direct home delivery in Seattle. Delivery includes cans, crowlers, growlers and kegs and is free ($25 minimum orders) in our delivery zone from Northgate Way south to Mercer Street.

SUPPORTING OUR COMMUNITY: Alongside taking care of our team we are keeping our core value of supporting the community alive through our Heron Rising Initiative, which includes:

Joining #ThePlateFund:  Starting April 15th,  Fremont Brewing joined an extensive list of local organizations and businesses in making a financial contribution to #ThePlateFund, a non-profit organization that provides direct financial assistance to restaurant workers who live and work in King County and have suffered financial hardship because of the COVID-19 crisis.  From April 15 until May 31, we are donating 1% of the gross profits of Golden Pilsner, Space Danger! and Summer Ale (releases in May) sold in Washington to #ThePlateFund.

Supporting Local Restaurants: We are purchasing lunches from local restaurants and providing them to healthcare providers that are on the frontline and to our Fremont brewery team that continues to work during this crisis as essential workers.

Food Drive: We are helping to feed our immediate neighbors in need by asking customers to bring a donation to the Ballard Food Bank with them when they pick up to-go beer from the Urban Beer Garden.

“We started the brewery amidst the last financial crisis, in 2009, which means that adapting and being resourceful come naturally to us,” notes Matt Lincecum, owner and founder. “It’s also helped us to stay focused on what matters, which is taking care of our employees, beer drinkers and community as we navigate a drastically different craft beer landscape.”