Ice Harbor now distributing beer across E. Washington

We just received this press release from Ice Harbor Brewing.


Tri-Cities’ Ice Harbor Brewing Expands Regionally

Ice Harbor Brewing celebrates its 14th anniversary this Autumn by expanding the market for their high-end brew throughout Eastern Washington.

The company’s recently repackaged India Pale Ale (IPA) is currently being bottled and – as fast as each lot is ready – is heading first into Spokane stores; later into Yakima, Walla Walla and other Eastern Washington communities.

Mike Hall, Bill Jaquish and friends have been brewing a wide variety of beers since October of 1996. In that time, somewhere between one and two hundred varieties have been tried – not all of which have made it to a bottle or tap for sale.

The company began in Pasco, but a few years ago Mike and Bill opened a Brew Pub on Benton Street in downtown Kennewick. In 2007 they added a new restaurant and pub on Clover Island.

Ice Harbor’s IPA was first brewed on one of the most infamous of days – September 11, 2001. Nine years later, it’s the first of what will be many of the company’s bottled beers taken by King Distributing throughout much of the state.

With a brewery, pub and restaurant Ice Harbor currently employs about fifty people. And as the company ramps up production, more local jobs will be created by the expansion.

The company’s plans for the future? Ice Harbor partner Mike Hall says, “We’re just gonna keep making beer that we like to drink…”