What if you just don't like winter beer? Then what?

Maybe you just feel like getting out of town. Maybe, like us, you’re hitting the Winter Beer Fest today (Friday) and do not yet have plans for Saturday. Maybe you don’t like winter beers and the Winter Beer Fest just doesn’t boil your wort. Whatever the case, we’ve come up with a couple of things going on away from the city this Saturday (Dec. 5th).

Ellensburg: Iron Horse Birthday Bash – Saturday Dec. 5th 6-10 pm at the brewery. They will be busting out a heated tent, live music by Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs and Hurricane Chaser, and free hors d’oeuvres by the Sonny Lady. $12 gets you entrance, a beer and a glass; get in for $10 if sporting some Iron Horse apparel or memorabilia (could be anything). Visit their Web site for details and directions. If memory serves, Iron Horse opened in 2005, which would make this their 4th birthday.

Shelton: Grove Street Brewing Birthday Bash – Saturday Dec. 5th The Grove Street Brewhouse is having a party on Saturday. They’re calling it a Birthday Bash, though we aren’t sure why. They’ve only been open for a couple months. I’m sure they have their reasons. You’ll have to go and ask. There will be live music provided by The Oly Mountain Boys Bluegrass Band at 9:00 p.m. Read our post about Grove Street Brewing or visit their Web site.