Innovative Growler Does More Than Simply Carry Beer

Today I want to tell you about an innovative new growler. Not only is the design innovative, but this growler does more than carry beer: it helps make the world a better place. I encourage you to read about the product and the program. Follow your conscience. If you so choose, follow my lead in buying one of these growlers.

Seattle is a cradle of innovation, a hotbed for the advancement of things like computer software, airliners, cell phones, coffee, and craft beer. I like to think that, for the most part, people around here are also caring, concerned and proactive. I also like to believe that beer drinkers actually give a damn.

And that brings me to MiiR, a Seattle-based company with a great mission: providing people in developing parts of the world with safe drinking water. MiiR (pronounced meer and rhymes with beer) produces water bottles and now growlers. I really should focus on the company’s growlers that you, my fellow beer drinker, can now purchase. Below, I provide plenty of information about the growlers and you can learn even more here, but for now bear with me as I share some information.

For each bottle or growler it sells, MiiR dedicates one dollar to the cause of providing safe drinking water to people in Liberia. Water is the number one cause of death in developing nations. Water kills more people each year than all violence combined, including wars. About 80 percent of the diseases in the world are blamed on unsafe water and sanitation. Primarily, unsafe drinking water kills children. Over one billion people do not have access to safe drinking water.

Those are hard numbers to swallow, especially if you live in someplace with an abundance of safe water, but there is the only number you really need to know: one dollar can provide one person with safe water for one year.

MiiR produces water bottles and now growlers. For each water bottle or growler the company sells, MiiR provides safe drinking water to someone for a year.

You can learn more about MiiR by visiting the company’s website. I encourage you to watch the documentary video.

Attention breweries and beer retailers: These growlers can be co-branded. And yes, they still benefit the cause. For information contact MiiR directly.

About the MiiR Growler

MiiR is offering craft beer lovers and cold brew coffee fanatics the opportunity to purchase in advance its new Growler at http://growler.miir.com, with the crowdfunding campaign to run through November 30th.

Offered in black, blue and stainless, the 64 oz. BPA-free stainless steel MiiR Growler is a sleek and simple, yet meticulously designed beverage vessel that is perfect for filling up with beer, coffee, hot soup, etc. and heading out for a day of adventure. With MiiR’s double wall vacuum insulation technology, the Growler keeps your cold liquids chilled for 24+ hours and your hot liquids hot for 12 hours. The BPA-free stainless steel lid features a unique threadless design, eliminating grime build up typically experienced with standard threaded growler lids.  Additionally, its flip top feature prevents carbonation leakage and keeps beverages fresher.

In keeping with the MiiR corporate sustainable giving platform, each Growler provides one person with clean drinking water in underserved countries and comes with a tracking bracelet and printed identification number. Your personal identification number can be entered into the MiiR tracking system online at www.miir.com/impact, allowing you to see which project you helped fund. For more information, visit the MiiR Growler crowdfunding site at http://growler.miir.com.