wingman brewers

An interview with Ken Thoburn of Wingman Brewers about barrel-aged beers

This is the first in what we hope to be a series of guest podcasts from Casey McClain.

– by Casey McLain, South Sound Bureau Chief –

Ken Thoburn of Wingman Brewers sat down with me in his brewery after hours, talking about barrel aged beer, both the beer that Wingman has brewed and aged in a barrel, and some of the best barrel aged beers that we’ve ever had.

Wingman has an event coming November 22 which will be called Denizens of the Dark, which will also mark the 2014 release of Stratofortress, their Belgian strong dark ale that is aged on cedar chips soaked in rum, and also its bourbon barrel aged counterpart.

Listen to the interview below.

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Casey McLain is the founder of North and South of Royal Brougham, a replacement-level Seattle sports blog, and can be found tweeting about beer and sports @CaseyMcLainSays.Casey also recently started a sports podcast called Offspeed Podcast with local comedian Aaron Kirby.