Introducing, Great Artisan Beverage Co

Four of Washington’s wholesale beer distributors have joined forces to create a new enterprise: Great Artisan Beverage Company. The new entity represents the combined efforts of Odom Corporation, Marine View Beverage , Sound Beverage, and C. Stein Beverage. In simplest terms, each of those four companies distributes beer to different territories in the Pacific Northwest. Working in partnership, the new company will focus on managing and distributing craft and specialty beer brands throughout the Pacific Northwest.

On the surface, this sounds like so-much meaningless, corporate paper shuffling; however, the plan calls for each of the companies involved to offer dedicated craft beer advocates working in their respective territories to represent craft/specialty beers exclusively. This past weekend I talked (briefly, I admit) to one of these advocates as well as a representative from one of the local breweries that will be represented by Great Artisan Beverage. They were both excited about the new venture, suggesting that this is a new, welcomed approach to wholesale craft beer representation.

I’m not sure how this will impact beer consumers. I suppose time will tell. Read the press release below to learn more about the new partnership and the four distributors involved.


Seattle, Washington – January 24th, 2013 – Marine View Beverage Inc, The Odom Corporation, Sound Beverage Inc., and C. Stein Beverage officially announced their partnership in a new company to distribute and manage a selection of key Craft/Specialty Brands throughout the Pacific Northwest within “Great Artisan Beverage Co.”

Each of the partners has dedicated exclusive personnel in their respective territories and the company will be managed and run independently, reporting to a Board of Directors representing the ownership group.

Nick Gagliardi, a veteran in the beverage business and the President of Great Artisan Beverage Co. states, “We have united as one and can now offer a Sales and Marketing platform to build and execute Craft/Specialty brands across one of the most dynamic and critical footprints in the United States.”

Dave Mickelson, formerly of Craft Brewers Alliance and a long time Redhook Ale Brewery executive, who will head up the Operations of Great Artisan Beverage Co. stated, “We now have the dedicated ability to pro-actively work with our craft brewery partners to better plan, forecast, and execute our Craft/Specialty Breweries overall objectives.”

Great Artisan Beverage Co. will represent some of the finest Craft/Specialty and Import brands from its backyard in the Pacific Northwest, the United States and around the world.

Marine View Beverage Inc is a distributor based in western Washington, and services 7 counties in the south Puget Sound and Olympic Peninsula region. Marine View Beverage provides sales, marketing, warehousing, and distribution services for a wide range of beer, wine, spirits and non-alcohol products. A recipient of numerous supplier awards, Marine View Beverage prides itself on market level execution, and being a valued partner to suppliers and retailers. Marine View Beverage is also an integral part of its community and has been for over 40 years. For additional information, please visit

The Odom Corporation is a Bellevue, Washington based company that provides wholesale distribution, sales, and marketing of beer, non-alcoholic and soft drink beverages in Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Idaho. For additional information about The Odom Corporation, visit or please call 425-456-3535

Sound Beverage Distributors, a Bellingham, Washington based company that provides wholesale distribution, sales and marketing of beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages in northwest Washington. For additional information about Sound Beverage Distributors, Inc. call 360-734-7360.

C. Stein Beverage is a Vancouver, Washington, based company that provides wholesale distribution, sales and marketing of beer, wine, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages. C. Stein Distributing has been in business for over 22 years with distribution warehouses in SW Washington (C. Stein Distributing in Vancouver), SW Idaho (Idaho Distributing in Boise) and Sun Valley Idaho (Nouveaux Distributing). For additional information C. Stein Beverage, please visit or call 360-823-2536.