Introducing Ridgefield Craft Brewing, coming soon to Ridgefield, Washington


A new brewery is poised to open in Ridgefield, Washington. According to the company’s Facebook page, Ridgefield Craft Brewing just set up its shiny, new, 10-barrel brewhouse and plans to begin operations soon. Apparently, this will be a production-only brewery, for now. Ridgefield is located about ten minutes north of Vancouver in Clark County, Washington. (All photos via the Ridgefield Craft Brewing Facebook page.)


“No tasting room for now,” the company told me via Facebook. “We plan to open a tasting room at the brewery later, and will open a restaurant/taproom in Ridgefield next year. Location TBD.”


Here’s an introductory message that was posted on Facebook.

Welcome Ridgefield Washington’s first 10 barrel production brewery, located just minutes south from the heart of downtown Ridgefield. Ridgefield Craft Brewing is dedicated to creating quality craft beer while generating regional pride. We want our patrons, near and far, to not only recognize our brand but know where it comes from and what it stands for. We hope to create a sense of pride…when they walk into any watering hole, see our beer on tap and say, “That’s our brewery!”


Owner, founder and brewer Steve Dronen, along with his family, are constructing a state-of-the-art brewery on their property in Ridgefield. Our 10 barrel brewery will contain some of the most advanced equipment on the market. In addition to hiring local contractors to carry out the construction, we have taken great measures in carefully selecting each piece of equipment, sourcing from leading manufacturers all across America. We are constantly working with a team of expert consultants to ensure that our brewery will maintain the highest level of efficiency, which will result in a panel of top quality craft beer!

We’re working towards starting to brew in mid-summer, and our first beer releases heading out mid to late August 2019.