Introducing the Stein Society at Bell + Whete

Just about a year ago we visited a new beer-focused restaurant and bar in Belltown: Bell + Whete (pronounced bell and wheat). If you’re not yet familiar with Bell + Whete, which features over 60 local and international draft beer options, check out our original post.

Today we want to let you know that Bell + Whete is launching a beer club: The Stein Society. Instead of just offering its regulars a personalized mug and a modest discount, they’re treating this more like an actual club, creating a way for local beer fans, connoisseurs and novices to get together to talk beer, share a mug, learn more about local and international beers, try new varieties, discover old favorites and explore beer trends. 

bell_whete_steinThe Stein Society launches next Wednesday, July 22. There doing something cool with mug number 001. They’ll auction it off, with proceeds benefiting a cause that is near and dear to the Washington Beer Blog: KEXP 90.3 FM. Proceeds from the auction will be donated to KEXP. More specifically, the construction of the new KEXP facility at Seattle Center.

Details are provided below and online at Also below, details about the first Stein Society event.

Bell + Whete is located at the corner of 2nd Ave and Bell Street in Seattle.


Pay a one-time fee of $49.99 and receive:

  • Personalized 17oz. stein with their name and mug number printed on it. Bell + Whete will store steins safely inside the bar for guests to use and enjoy every time they come in.
  • $1 off any beer purchase using the mug.
  • First rights to Bell + Whete events and promotions.
  • Special Stein Society parties.
  • Exclusive brewmaster dinners.
  • Discounts on regular Bell + Whete beer events + dinners
  • First tastes of unique and/or new beers.
  • Membership is limited to 75 members at launch time.

bell_whete_stein1Bid for stein #001!
On Wednesday, July 22nd Bell + Whete will post a link on the Stein Society webpage for people to bid and own the first stein. Proceeds from the online auction will benefit KEXPs new facility at Seattle Center. Bidding will start at $100. Auction link will be posted here July 22nd: 

10 Percent Off Events
The first Stein Society special offer event is July 29th, 2015 with Sierra Nevada Brewing. Members will receive 10 percent off their tickets to the four-course beer dinner when they register for the Stein Society at Bell + Whete before July 28th. Dinner menu and details here:

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