Introducing Tin Dog Brewing – Coming Soon to South Seattle

We just got word that a new brewery plans to open in Seattle’s South Park neighborhood. Tin Dog Brewing hopes to be open by late October. The brewery will produce beer on a 2-barrel nano system and will operate a tasting room at it’s location just off of Highway 509. To mark the progress of this new brewery, keep an eye on the company’s website and facebook page.

Compared to other South Park breweries, present and past, like Odin, Baron, Laughing Buddha, and so on, Tin Dog Brewing is “across town” on the other side of South Park. The address is 309 unit 2A S. Cloverdale Street, Seattle, WA 98108. Map it.

For your beer touring adventures, it is conveniently located right down the hill from Big Al Brewing.

Here is some background information we received from Tin Dog Brewing:

It started in Europe in the 8o’s – a young man on a foreign exchange program in Germany. He came home to central California with a dream – brew German beer and open a brewery. Resources were limited back then. There was no internet to find supplies or receipes. No-one was home brewing, let alone home brewing German beer. It was a time of trail blazing and adventure and a seed was planted.

Fast forward to middle age, working hard for many years and meeting his special woman with whom he wanted to spend his life with. Working at an IT job which was very unsatisfying. Then getting laid off. Having set some money aside he pondered, “Why not start a brewery?” I used to love to brew beer and wanted to start a brewery long ago.” He looked at his wife, and they agreed, “Let’s do this, but what shall we call it?” One afternoon, about many name considerations and discards, they were sitting in the living room and gazing at the mantel piece where a dog made of tin was sitting, and exclaimed, “Tin Dog Brewing” and the dream was born.

Eleven months later, they are on the home stretch and will be open late October or early November, in South Park, which is squeezed between Georgetown, West Seattle and White Center, off the 509. We will be focusing on Belgian beers with a twist, original recipes from the Master Brewer with the dream, Eric Rough. Lisa Rough will be using her great skill at making people feel welcome and comfortable to make the brewery a home away from home and a cozy shelter from the inclement Northwest weather. Come join us and share our dream at Tin Dog Brewing, 401 Cloverdale St, Seattle WA. We will be open Thursday-Sunday to start. Hours to be announced. We will be having a grand opening which we will publicize when we know the exact date and times. Look forward to seeing you all there!

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