Introducing – Washington Beer App for Android and Apple Devices

At last it is here. The Washington Beer Commission announced today the release of its free Washington Beer application for both Android and iOS mobile devices. Droid and iPhone users now have a very handy Washington beer resource at their fingertips. Since we’re the only state in the USA with a state-authorized commodity commission dedicated to beer, I going to assume we’re the only state with such an official beer app.

The Washington Beer mobile app will help you find the nearest Washington breweries from your current location, get you quickly to brewery contact numbers and websites, provide information for the Washington Beer Commission tasting festivals, and more. Use the Social option to stay informed about local beer news, including links to stories right here on the Washington Beer Blog.

If you’re a beer geek, you simply must have this app. You can get the Washington Beer application in the App Store. Simply search for “Washington beer.”

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  1. I like that in the preview images, there’s Kendall! My only complaint is that when you zoom in on the iPad app and then tap a pin, the map resizes and zooms out. Probably fix that in the next version.

    I notice that it’s missing The Dirty Bucket and 192 Brewery on the map. 192 has a new tasting room in Kenmore if you haven’t heard.

  2. I wondered what happened to 192. I met the guy at Fremont Oktoberfest a couple years ago. He said just give a call next time I’m near Kenmore and I could come fill a growler. But no answer and no return call. I figured he got out of the business. Well, good news on his new tasting room.

  3. downloaded the app. nice look to it. but the first thing i noticed is that there are 3 breweries listed near olympia but not Fish Brewing. seriously????


  4. Just noticed the 192 as I was riding down the BGT the other day. They need a bigger sign!

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