Latona IPA Brackets

It’s Time to Fill Out Your Latona Pub IPA Bracket

Think of it as a different kind of March madness. It’s time for the big tournament. No, not the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, but the annual IPA brackets at Latona Pub (blog sponsor). To participate, print the bracket and study the match ups. Fill it out, turn it in, and await the results.

Unlike the Big Dance, you can actually impact of the match ups. You could, conceivably, drink enough beer to influence the outcome, though I wouldn’t advise it.

Here’s how it works:

The beers are organized into four groups of three.
All three IPAs in the group are tapped at the same time on the appointed day.
The first keg in the group to blow foam wins the group and advances on to the final four.
For each of the four brackets, you predict the order in which the kegs will blow.
You pick the order in which your final four will blow.
Brackets will be graded and a winner determined.
The winner will receive a special, undisclosed prize.

To enter, click here to download the bracket. Fill it out and deliver it to Latona Pub before the first results come in (likely this Wednesday or Thursday).