Joel Stickney promoted to Head Brewer at Schooner Exact Brewing


Schooner Exact Brewing just announced that Joel Stickney has been promoted to Head Brewer. That makes us happy. Here’s why.

It was February of 2012. I know it was February because that’s when Russian River Brewing releases Pliny the Younger each year. Kim and I were standing in front of Circa Neighborhood Grill and Alehouse waiting for the doors to open. Earlier that afternoon they very quietly announced on Facebook that they’d be tapping kegs of both Pliny the Elder and Pliny the Younger when they opened at 5:00. A guy named Joel was waiting, too.

A couple of Plinys later, Joel asked us for some advice. He was thinking about a career change and was interested in getting into the brewery biz. He wanted to make beer. Our advice, find a local brewery and offer to volunteer doing anything that needs to be done–grunt work, washing kegs, scrubbing floors, cleaning tanks, whatever it takes to get in the door and start learning. We suggest he try talking to Matt at Schooner Exact Brewing.

Today we learned that our friend Joel was just promoted to Head Brewer at Schooner Exact Brewing, where he’s worked for the past five-plus years. We like the way that story has unfolded thus far.

Here’s the press release:

Joel Stickney Promoted to Head Brewer at Schooner Exact

Schooner Exact is Proud to Announce the Promotion of Joel Stickney of Head Brewer.  Joel has been at Schooner Exact for over 5 years and has worked his way from Delivery Driver to Cellarman and then Assistant Brewer here at Schooner.  For the last 2 years Joel has been Lead Brewer.

Matt McClung whom with his wife Heather founded Schooner Exact and until today held the title Head Brewer will be stepping back from day to day operations.

After 11 years managing the production side of the business Matt has decided to reduce his role and focus his energy on the Japanese & International sales channel, enjoying time with family and friends, while still exploring creative pursuits outside of day to day operations at the brewery.

Matt looks forward to continuing to work with Joel to increase his beer production knowledge, skill set, and leadership style.

This is an exciting and happy day for our team here at Schooner.




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