John Maier Appreciation Night at Latona

John Maier is coming to town for a rare appearance. No, this is not John Mayer the singer. We’re talking about John Maier, the brewmaster from Rogue. For 17 years now he’s made an annual trip north from Newport, OR to visit the folks at the Latona Pub — one of Seattle oldest and best-loved craft beer destinations.

John will be at the Latona Pub on Monday, February 16th. The celebration gets underway at 8:00. He’ll be bringing a firkin of Mogul, one of his personal favorites, and some other yummy treats.  For those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, John Maier is an amazing brewer. A genius actually. He makes 100 kegs of beer at a time with the same care and passion that a homebrewer would put into a 5 gallon batch. He’s flawless–creative and wildly consistent.

Over the years John has crafted an insane number of different beers. Rogue gives him a lot of flexibility and he takes advantage of it. Most importantly, Rogue never lets the bean counters dictate what beers John makes. He makes what he wants. It shows. Join the folks at the Latona as they show their appreciation for this craft brewing legend.

Click here to watch a cool video about John Maier and Rogue.