Join Schooner Exact Brewing for a Hop Field Trip

Every beer lover should visit a hop farm during the harvest, but few actually get the opportunity. For the fourth year, Schooner Exact Brewing will take a group of lucky hop heads on a Hop Field Trip to Virgil Gamache Farms where they’ll witness the magic of the hop harvest firsthand. But that’s not all this trip includes.

Not only will guests witness the harvesting of Amarillo hops and participate in the process, they’ll also help brew a fresh hop ale right there on the farm. Then they’ll eat a delicious meal prepared on site by Schooner Exact’s Chef, Martin Conquest.


On Saturday, September 10th, after enjoying a continental breakfast at the brewery, a motor coach will whisk guests away from the Schooner Exact location in Seattle and take them to the Yakima Valley. Once there, they’ll enjoy a tour the fields, learn about the equipment and see the hop harvesting process from front to back (with a sack lunch provided along the way).


Then honorary hop farmers can watch or participate as the beer is brewed — attendees will eventually get a bottle of the beer when it’s ready. All the while, the chef will busily prepare a great meal to enjoy before boarding the motor coach and returning to Seattle.


I’ve done this Hop Field Trip with Schooner Exact and it was a blast. It was educational and fun, and the meal they prepare is not some warmed-over picnic. It’s a real, delicious meal. And yes, there is beer involved.


Get on the Trip

Note that this is an invitation only event and space if limited. If you want to get in on the action, you’ll need to talk to Schooner Exact Brewing directly and find out how to score an invite. Call them at (206) 432-9734 or just stop by the brewery. It all happens on Saturday, September 10th.

What’s included:

– Virgil Gamache Hop Farm: Exclusive Tour
– Harvest fresh hops from the vine
– Participate in brewing a Fresh Hop IPA
– Farm Fresh Hop IPA commemorative bottle
– Schooner EXACT’s Fresh Hop IPA bottle
– Continental breakfast prior to departure
– Round-trip transportation on a luxury coach
– Light sack lunch
– Gourmet dinner, crafted by Chef Martin Conquest
– Drinks provided starting with a sampling of beer on the bus ride



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