Jolly Roger out for delivery

We’ve been waiting for something to tell you about Jolly Roger, other than the fact that Maritime Pacific’s move to a new location delayed the release of this seasonal favorite. We assume everyone knows about that.

Word from the brewery as of yesterday:
“We just started delivering kegs of Jolly to restaurants this week, so you should start seeing it around town by the weekend. We are hoping to bottle early next week and have 6-packs in the stores by next weekend.”

Has anyone spotted Jolly on tap or in store yet?

  1. Had some of this deliciousness at Stellar Pizza in Sodo last night; made the play at the local high school slightly more tolerable!

  2. Rumor, from a distributor, is that the bottling process has been interrupted with a “broken part”. Perhaps a further delay?

  3. Not good news. Bottles out, but in super-short supply (and at a much higher price). Rumor is more to come after the first of the year.