King 5 at Big Al Brewing

It’s a big day at Big Al Brewing. Evening Magazine is here to film an upcoming show, which will air Monday at 7:00 p.m. on King 5. In itself, that is a pretty big deal.

“We kind of over-booked ourselves this morning,” Al just told me. “In addition to the television crew, our web developer is coming by to put the finishing touches on our new website, and we’re meeting with our landlord to talk about the solar panels.”

While the crew is in back taping in the brewery, a modest crowd is gathered at the bar. Sometimes professional decorum dictates that we drink before noon. Coffee for me, but my fellow stand-ins are starting to make fun of me. We’re told that eventually the crew will come up front to film some scenes in the bar.

I asked Al about the solar panels. He explained that they will be hot water panels. Instead of generating electricity, they’ll generate hot water. Since energy is used to heat water, and breweries use a lot of hot water, it made sense to pursue this option, he says.


But back to the exciting stuff. The phone just rang behind the bar. Al picked up the phone and said, “World famous Big Al Brewing.”

How quickly stardom has gone to his head.

We look forward to tuning in Monday evening to see how the brewery looks on television.

Thank you @sudsymaggie for the photos